Rick Aldine, North Coast Grape Manager
If you’re selling or buying grapes or bulk wine, please call me on my cell at (707) 287-6073 or email me at
rick@agajanian.com OR visit our Napa office to taste through our premium bulk wine offerings. Our Napa
office is located across from The Meritage Resort, 2785 Napa Valley Corporate Drive, Napa.

Dan Garcia, Northern Interior Grape Manager
Well fasten your seat belts!!! I haven’t even picked a grape yet in the Interior, and it is already getting crazy.
Harvest Time! We all know the routine, we have all done it many times, and we will all get through it again.
Everyone needs to take a deep breath, even though we can’t control the unexpected that harvest brings.
Yes, there will be the unexpected, but it will all work out in the end.
We will be getting started early next week with Chardonnay in Lodi, and probably later in the week with
Pinot Grigio in Clarksburg, with Sauvignon Blanc real close behind. So all those crazy things like delivering
shipping documents, brix testing, scheduling, coordinating, dropping off supplies for harvest, and yes all
those phone calls! Thank G__ for texting or we would all go crazy. How did we do it before? Some of you
probably don’t have an answer for that, but us old timers have done a harvest or two without the help of
technology. We got through it. So no excuses. Just fasten your seat belts and be safe.
Our weather has finally cooled a bit in the Interior allowing our numbers to start moving along, and yes
there has been a spike in activity on the buying side again. This usually happens after wineries realize they
could be short on certain varieties. I have been consistently buying and selling grapes the last few weeks.
So yes there are still some out there. Our company can help you source or sell your grapes with our vast
coverage statewide. Give me a call if I can assist you. I can be reached on my cell at (916) 425-6656 or

Michael Haddox-Central Coast Grape Manager
Greetings from the Central Coast!! Harvest has arrived, well at least it has in the Central Valley and some
remote areas around the state. It looks to me that we will begin to bring in the first fruit in a few weeks
for Rosé programs.
For most, you no doubt are feeling the same way as I am right now, are we early, late, or on track for an
average harvest. My best guess right now is that we are tracking to be mostly average, but the feedback I’m
getting from growers is on both sides of the coin — early and late compared to last year and the average.
Confusing? Yes! My personal feelings are for pretty nice quality across most varietals. Verasion is mostly
done, but I did see quite a bit at between 75-95% last weeks in my rounds. I’d say that I think there is the
potential for a slightly condensed harvest at this point with most varietals coming on at the same time.
But we have a way to go so I wouldn’t hold my breath.
There are still some great opportunities to pick up high quality fruit so reach out to me if you have any last
minutes needs — I guarantee I know where to find it!! We have secured some great Chardonnay from both
the Central Coast and the Interior so if you’ve come up short let us know. Especially interesting are some
great Santa Barbara County fruit sources that I have come across at very competitive prices. Also, I still have
some Santa Rita Hills Pinot Noir available with multiple Clone-Rootstock combinations if you’re into that!!
I wish the best to everyone out there for a successful and prosperous harvest!! As always, I am available any
time to discuss your grape or bulk needs for 2017 and beyond!! Michael Haddox, Senior Winery Relations
manager & Winemaker- Central Coast (805) 975-7001 cell or michael@agajanian.com

Tim Mendonca-Central & Southern Interior Grower Relations
Harvest is under way for us. We started on July 30th which is the earliest we have ever harvested anything
here in the valley. We have pretty much brought in most of our early floral varieties and they have been
average if not average plus. We have had a little down time between our florals and starting some whites.
We will be really getting into the grove of things in about a week or so. The weather has cooled down some
which is great. You almost need a jacket in the morning. This should help the vines really start building the
sugars and not shut down during the early afternoon.
We are still seeing some powdery mildew out there. It has been a bad season as Patrick has been saying in
probably every blast. You know it is bad when you are seeing powdery in some Rubired which almost never
get it.
It is still looking like an average crop for this year. The Cabernet Sauvignon crop is down a bit here in our
vineyards in the valley. We still have some available at attractive pricing. Most of the activity has been in
Malbec, Chardonnay, Petite Sirah and Pinot Grigio as well. If you have any grapes or bulk wine for sale or are
interested in any grapes and bulk wine feel free to give me a call at (559) 352-2452 or email me at

Patrick Tachella – Director of Viticulture
August is here and will be gone before we know it. The same could be said for this harvest season, well at
least I hope it’s over quick! In the Central Valley we have been picking fruit for a couple weeks. The big
question going around the coffee shop is “how big, or small, is the crop?”. Central Valley fruit has looked
normal to slightly light most of the season but now with fruit in the tank we can see some blocks are coming
in heavy; others light. In the Northern Interior valley, we expect Chardonnay to be the lightest in a few
years’ memory. Cab and Pinot Noir look good in some blocks, and light in others. Our estimations are simply
that — estimates.
This year we are really seeing the effects of how people farmed through the drought — cluster weights are
all over the place. Mildew in whites is driving buyers away from Delta and Lodi regions and south to Fresno
and the Central Coast. Sun burn has North Coast & Central Valley growers dropping fruit. Amidst all this the
big buyers are remaining active and insisting on clean fruit. If you still have mildew on fruit, it needs to
clipped out, washed very well or expect it to sit on the vine for the birds. If you don’t have experience
washing fruit give us a call for suggestions. We are very busy sampling sugar and filter through the less than
ideal spot market opportunities but I wish all of you a successful and safe harvest. Feel free to reach out to
us if you need help cleaning up your crop, sourcing clean fruit, or selling your fruit.