Winter is here and a sense of calm has come to the fields. Though we would like to take after the vines and hibernate until spring; there are some topics not to forget.
Winter irrigation is vital to preventing winter freeze damage, blank canes, uneven bud break and poor fruit set. Remember that some rain may not be enough rain to fully hydrate the root zone.
With the rain come dreaded weeds. Under vine pre-emergent herbicide treatments have proven to be more cost effective than post emergent herbicides.  Perhaps you haven’t realized Pruning is the most significant operation that can lead to the demise of a healthy vineyard? Woody diseases such as Esca, Eutypa, and Botryospheria Dieback infect vines through pruning wounds. The rate of spread increases dramatically the earlier the vineyard is pruned. This is because the fungal spores spread when the vineyard is wet from rain, morning dew, and fog.
For this reason, and for frost concerns, we strongly suggest waiting as far into the spring as possible to perform pruning. We also strongly believe in the science proving that post-pruning fungicides increase the vineyard life, and decrease long term costs. They also work great at knocking down Powdery Mildew inoculum.
Beyond these thoughts I just want to wish all of you a successful New Year. I hope you come by our booth #1328 at the Unified Wine and Grape Symposium to chat and see how Agajanian Vineyards can help your year be even more prosperous.

Thank you for choosing Agajanian Vineyards & Wine Company,

Patrick Tachella, Viticulturist